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Editing Services



In addition to being an author, Lindsay is a professional freelance editor. She accepts both fiction and nonfiction projects. Of course, she loves speculative fiction but is equipped to handle most genres, including young adult contemporary, historical, thriller, suspense, romance, middle-grade fiction, and more. Lindsay offers the following editorial services for your manuscript:

  • Developmental Edit: Story-level comments on what works for your story and what doesn’t, from your characters to your structure, and how to address those issues. Some editors refer to this service as a substantive edit. It does not include line editing or proofing.
  • Line Edit: Sentence- and paragraph-level comments that address clarity, sentence structure, point-of-view errors, telling, and other common mechanical mistakes.
  • Proofread: Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and all those nitty-gritty details we’re so apt to miss in our own work.
  • Complete Edit: All of the above services. The most comprehensive, beneficial type of edit to take your project to the next level.
  • Critique: This is the most affordable service Lindsay offers. It’s similar to a developmental edit, covering such aspects as character development, plot, structure, tension, and writing voice, but contains less in-depth suggestions for fixing problems. This can be a wonderful level of editing for those getting their first “professional eyes” on a project.

Lindsay’s Experience

  • Working in the publishing industry since 2010, editing professionally since 2014
  • Traditionally published more than forty short stories
  • Previous clients include multi-published, veteran authors; those working on their first manuscripts for indie publication; and everything in between
  • Teaches fiction writing to junior and senior high school students
  • Serves annually as a judge for multiple respected industry contests
  • Senior Operations Manager at Splickety Publishing Group for two years, where she worked on the business and editorial side of publishing
  • Featured on K.M. Weiland’s list of recommended book editors


“For my proofreading job Lindsay was prompt, professional and above all, accurate. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.”

James Scott Bell
Bestselling author of Romeo’s Rules and Write Your Novel From the Middle


“I recently hired Lindsay to do the substantive editing for my newest book, The Amish Heiress. She did an incredible job and the book is doing really well on Amazon—it’s been on the best seller lists for six weeks and I give a lot of the credit for that to Lindsay.”

Patrick E. Craig
Author of the Apple Creek Dreams series and best-selling indie author of The Amish Heiress


“Lindsay Franklin brought professionalism and skill to Courtship in Crisis. She is easy to work with, works quickly, and delivers on her promises.”

Thomas Umstattd
Author of Courtship in Crisis and CEO of Author Media


“Lindsay is an exceptional editor. I love her ability to catch the big picture vision I have for my novels while keeping in mind the details. Her feedback is always honest and kind. I’m a stronger writer and my novels are better because of the time and heart Lindsay has put into my projects.”

Ashley Mays
Award-winning novelist and former Editorial Assistant at Brio magazine


“Lindsay’s keen eye keeps my grammar in check. She’s knowledgeable on the Chicago Manual of Style, which is a huge help in my writing. She has a gift of knowing when to add tension, how to end a chapter with the temptation to keep the reader reading. I highly recommend Lindsay as a great editor.”

Jane Daly
Award-winning, multi-published author of nonfiction and fiction


“I highly recommend Lindsay’s editorial services. Her ability to analyze not just  grammar and style but the story itself was a life saver for me. I knew something was wrong with the opening to my novel, but couldn’t pin down the problem. Even with only the first 15 pages, she was able to see what I couldn’t and pegged the problem right away. Once she pointed it out, I could see it clearly and was able to fix the issue.”

Suzanne Hartmann
Editorial Director, Castle Gate Press and author of the Fast Track Thriller series


“I worked with Lindsay on the second book in a series. What struck me about working with her was how invested she was in both my story and what was best for it. Lindsay read my current work in progress, then went back and read the previous book. In that process, she put herself in the reader’s shoes and discovered what was best for them. What makes Lindsay incredible is her ability to thread the needle between what will help you and your story best as an author and fully immersing herself as a reader, giving you true and honest feedback. Her feedback was perfect. The live tweets while she was reading were an added bonus.”

Christopher C. Starr
Author of the Heaven Falls series


“To say that Lindsay was a godsend would qualify as the understatement of the year! I have never met anyone who can turn a rough into a gem like Lindsay! Her amazing intellect and perspicacious mind is evident in every edit. Her didactic approach to a work, which she handles with so much grace, can only serve to make anyone a better writer. Just the in-depth research she does will keep any writer from subsequent negative scutiny from critics. I’m so blessed to have her on my team!”

Tj Hemphill
Award-winning playwright, director, and composer of Tj Hemphill Entertainment


“I met Lindsay through a referral from a friend in the business, and I could not be more thankful that I found her! She helped shape not only my manuscript, but me as a writer, into so much more. Her professionalism and love for the written word shine through in her brilliant work. I would highly recommend Lindsay to anyone looking for an editor. (If you’re not looking for one, you should!)”

Amy Brock McNew
Author of Rebirthreleasing in 2016, and winner of the Cascade Award in 2015


“Rated 10 out of 10. Lindsay meets deadlines and offers excellent editorial feedback.”

Sarah Tipton
Author of young adult fiction and winner of the Genesis Award and Cascade Award in 2015


“After co-writing a novel with a friend, I knew we needed another pair of eyes to help us point out major plot issues and character flaws. Lindsay’s feedback was incredibly thorough. Like a potter with clay, she helped us mold an ordinary novel into a work of art.”

Michelle S. Lazurek
Author of many articles and books, and seasoned public speaker


“Lindsay is a wonderful editor and I highly recommend her to edit any and all of your writing endeavors. She is kind, efficient, intelligent, very clever, and amazingly talented. She sincerely cares about her clients and their success. Her input and expertise, without a doubt, will enhance and move your writing to the next level.”

Jo Anne Balcombe
Songwriter, teacher, and pastor

Current Rates

Note: We calculate the per-word price using the industry standard of 250 words per page. We offer payment plans and multiple payment options to suit your needs.

  • Developmental Edit: starts at $0.03/word
  • Line Edit: starts at $0.02/word
  • Proofread: starts at $0.01/word
  • Complete Edit (developmental and line edits, plus proofing): starts at $0.04–0.06/word
  • Critique: $55/hour, average of 30–40 pages per hour.
  • The 10-Pager: $40.00. This is a complete edit for the first ten pages of your manuscript at approximately 60% off of what the usual per-word price would be. Think of it as a sample of what a full edit would feel like for your manuscript.
  • Flash Fiction: Complete edit on your flash fiction piece (1000 words, or less) for $30.00.

So get your story back on track today. Contact Lindsay at Lindsay@LindsayAFranklin.com for a free consultation or to schedule your project.